Hamei Ga'ash ( Hot Springs)

3.00 (2 reviews)
Unnamed Road, Ga'ash, Israel
Unnamed Road Ga'ash Center District IL
A nice place to relax
Hamei Ga'ash

Not too far from Tel-Aviv, a very nice place with a large variety of different hot springs, saunas, outdoor swimming pool, cafeteria and more.
at some times could be little over crowded but still, I wouldn’t miss it

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Nasty front desk person

I told Orr, the shift manager, that I was leaving Hamei Ga’ash to run on the beach, and would be back in 2 hours. She told me that I was limited to 90 minutes. That’s not enough for a long run, and I explained that I was training for a race and needed more time. She refused. This ruined my stay at Hamei Ga’ash. More than that, it was completely unnecessary. I later complained to Kibbutz Gahash, but no one answered. I can’t recommend this place.

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