fuel in israel

Feul in Israel

Every gas station in Israel has the 3 main fuel types, all lead free:

  1. 95 octane fuel – the most common type of fuel for private transport.
  2. 98 octane fuel – some consider it as a “better” fuel and as such, it is a bit more expansive, but unless your car manufacturer explicitly mentioned it, it is not a must.
  3. Diesel – only few car models in Israel are based on diesel engine, mainly big vans and trucks.

When renting a car, make sure you know which kind of fuel you have to use. Do not try to save on cheaper type of fuel – it might damage the engine and you might get stuck.
Diesel cars are lately making comeback, but yet its market share is much smaller comparing to the European market due to a strict governmental tax policies and import policy.

The prices are managed by the government and are updated at midnight before every first work-day of the calendar month, depending on the previous month’s gas prices and few more aspects.

Here you can find an updated gasoline price-table >>

Although the prices are regulated, there are minor differences in the prices of self-serviced fuel between different fuel-companies.
The biggest fuel companies in Israel are Paz, Delek (which means ‘fuel’ in Hebrew), Sonol and Dor-Alon. There are many smaller companies too. That facts helps create a wide and effective deployment of gas station – the majority is open 24/7.