Seasons and Weather in Israel

There is no “bad season” to visit Israel – the proximity to the Mediterranean Sea grants Israel with a nice comfortable weather all year long.

Basically, Israel has two seasons – winter and summer:

(November to March)

Israel has only 30 rainy days a year. On the southern part of the country – Negev and Eilat there are even less.
In specific areas, such as Hermon Mountain and the Golan heights, there are few snowy days as well, but not necessarily and not every year. Rest of the winter is sunny and reminds the European spring.

The average temperature in the Israeli winter is 12-18°C. In the southern city Eilat, for example, the temperature rarely drops under 20°C even in the winter, and the water of the Red Sea keeps 20°C warmth (which is very nice for swimming in a sunny day).

(April to October)

Since Israel is considered as desert country (although only a third of it is an actual desert), the summer is very hot with an average temperature of 28-32°C. On the Kineret area and Eilat the temperature might even get to 40°C.
One of the biggest concerns for tourists is the high solar radiation – many spend their time in the chilly water of the pool or enjoying the beaches’ breeze and forget to put a sun-screen. Beside the possible damage to your skin, it just might be very painful the next few days. To protect yourself from sunstroke, wear a wide brimmed hat and cover your shoulders with a shirt or a light pareo, and drink as much water as you can.


The first and the last months of each season are actually mid-seasons – the weather is very unpredictable and unstable. Be prepared for a sudden shower or a bright sunshine changes every 20 minutes…
Israel’s varied topography also creates areas with unique climate – for example, the shore is more humid while the area of Jerusalem is dryer and cooler. The areas of the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee (“Kineret”) are very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter.
It allows the travelers in Israel to enjoy snowy mountain and a warm-send beach at the same day without a need to rush.