Making Aliyah

Thinking of moving to Israel ? Here’s all the information you need for a successful homecoming.


First Steps to Making Aliyah 

In this section we give you an overview of what you need to be doing if you have decided that you wish to make Aliyah.
We recommend to start the Aliyah process approximately 6 months ahead of your potential Aliyah date so that you have plenty time to get everything organised.
We recognise that each Oleh is different and requires different information. Read More…

Aliyah Benefits

Some benefits are available to you immediately upon landing (eg: sal klita payments); others are available at a later date (eg: rental assistance);
and others are one-off benefits to be taken up within a certain time period. Read More…

Getting Ready for Your Aliyah

Let us help you plan and get ready for your Aliyah.

Now That You’re Here

Now that you’re here in Israel, it’s important to make sure that you are able to check off all the bureaucratic steps.
We have compiled a printable check-list of all you will need to get done now that you’re here. It may seem daunting, but take things step-by-step. You will receive a lot of help.You can also contact At Home Together (Bebait Beyachad) to be paired with an Aliyah Assistant or Family who will help you each step of your journey.
Also, be sure to check your Benefits Timeline to see for what you are eligible and for how long. Read More…


 Please find all the information you need at the Jewish Agency For Israel website