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4 Lloyd George St, Jerusalem 0.27 km
20 Marcus Street, Jerusalem 0.89 km
David Marcus St 20, Jerusalem 0.89 km
Intersection of Keren Hayesod and King David Street, Jerusalem 0.97 km
Yemin Moshe Quarter, Jerusalem 0.99 km
Yemen Moshe Quarter, Jerusalem 0.99 km
Givat Ram, Ruppin Rd., Jerusalem 1.08 km
Gush Etzion Industrial Park, Jerusalem 1.08 km
Bet Shemesh-Kiryat Gat road (no. 35) opposite Kibbutz Bet Guvrin, Jerusalem 1.08 km
31.775776,35.232799, Jerusalem 1.08 km
Via Dolorosa at St Stephen's (Lion) Gate, Jerusalem 1.08 km
Har Homa-Teko'a-Nokdim road (no. 356), Jerusalem 1.08 km
Wadi Qilt, West Bank, Jerusalem 1.08 km
25 Stefan Wise Street, Museum Row, Jerusalem 1.08 km
Daniel Yanofsky Street, Jerusalem 1.08 km
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