En Afek Nature Reserve

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Zionism Avenue, Hadar, Haifa 0.14 km
2 Hativat Golani Road, Haifa East railroad station, Haifa 0.51 km
Wadi Nisnas, Haifa 0.53 km
Kiesarya Street, Haifa, Israel 0.56 km
26 Shabtai Levi Street, Haifa 0.7 km
The German Colony, Haifa 1.12 km
89 Yafe Nof Street, Haifa 1.22 km
Haifa-Isfiya road (no. 672), Haifa 1.53 km
University of Haifa, Mount Carmel 31905, Haifa 2.2 km
Ein Carmel artist colony, Haifa 2.2 km
124 Hatishbi Street, The Carmel Center, Haifa 2.2 km
89 Ha-Nassi Blvd., Mount Carmel, Haifa 2.2 km
79 Hashmonaim St. Kiriat Motzkin, Haifa 2.2 km
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