Habimah Square

Junction of Marmorek Street and Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv
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28 Leonardo da Vinci St., Tel aviv 0.57 km
Gan Meir Park, tel aviv 0.6 km
22 Bialik St., Tel Aviv 0.82 km
5 Tchernichovsky St., Tel Aviv 0.82 km
14 Bialik Street, Tel Aviv 0.84 km
Dizengoff and Pinsker Street, Tel Aviv 0.88 km
27 Shaul Hamelech Blvd., Tel Aviv 0.92 km
Dizengoff Street 99, Tel Aviv, Israel 0.98 km
110 Allenby Street, Tel Aviv 1.04 km
9 street Ben Yehuda, Tel Aviv 1.1 km
23 Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv 1.18 km
Rothschild Boulevard at Nahlat Binyamin Street, Tel Aviv 1.2 km
16 Rothschild Blvd., Tel Aviv 1.27 km
16 Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv 1.27 km
Retsif Haaliya Hashniya, Jaffa Port, Tel Aviv 1.51 km
Klausner Street, Matiyahu Gate #2, Tel Aviv University Campus, Tel Aviv 1.51 km
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