Old City of Jerusalem

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Eliezer Kaplan Street, West Jerusalem, Jerusalem 0.55 km
Shaarey Mishpat Street, Jerusalem 0.61 km
4 Narkiss Street, Jerusalem 1.62 km
Jaffa Gate, Old City, Jerusalem 1.7 km
Givat Ram, Ruppin Rd., Jerusalem 2.01 km
Gush Etzion Industrial Park, Jerusalem 2.01 km
Bet Shemesh-Kiryat Gat road (no. 35) opposite Kibbutz Bet Guvrin, Jerusalem 2.01 km
31.775776,35.232799, Jerusalem 2.01 km
Via Dolorosa at St Stephen's (Lion) Gate, Jerusalem 2.01 km
Har Homa-Teko'a-Nokdim road (no. 356), Jerusalem 2.01 km
Wadi Qilt, West Bank, Jerusalem 2.01 km
25 Stefan Wise Street, Museum Row, Jerusalem 2.01 km
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