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Beit Agron, Hillel and Rivlin Streets, Jerusalem
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11 Yoel Salomon street, Jerusalem 0.08 km
Rehov Hillel 27, Jerusalem 0.14 km
Ben Yehuda Street, Jerusalem 0.25 km
Harav Kook St. 9, Jerusalem 0.32 km
   Jerusalem Beer Festival
Menashe Ben Israel Street, Jerusalem, Israel 0.38 km
The Jerusalem Beer Festival 2015 will take place on August 26-27 from 18:00 to 24:00.
Ha-Zanhanim Street, Jerusalem 0.61 km
56 King George Street, Jerusalem 0.62 km
4 Narkiss Street, Jerusalem 0.63 km
26 King David Street, Jerusalem 0.76 km
King David 26, Jerusalem, Israel 0.76 km
Mea Shearim Street, Jerusalem 0.8 km
Suq Khan e-Zeit and Christian Quarter Road., Christian Quarter, Jerusalem 0.81 km
Jaffa Gate, Old City, Jerusalem 0.89 km
Conrad Schick St, Jerusalem 0.96 km
Conrad Schick St, Jerusalem 0.96 km
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