Cafe Neto Bitan A'haron

HaYam Road 28-30, Havatzelet HaSharon, Israel
28-30 HaYam Road Havatzelet HaSharon Center District IL
1 Usishkin street Netanya 3.53 km
Unnamed Road, Shefayim, Israel 16.58 km
Ha-Menofim St 8 Herzliyya 22.91 km
Ben Gurion Boulevard, Herzliya, Israel 23.26 km
Kvish HaHof, Ramat Hasharon, Israel 24.43 km
HaBarzel St 23 Tel Aviv-Yafo 28.04 km
Rokach Boulevard 99, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel 28.75 km
Rokach Blvd 21, Tel Aviv 30 km
HaTa'arucha Street 3, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel 30.37 km
Sderot Sha'ul HaMelech 19, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel 32.46 km
Zvi Strahilevitz Street, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel 32.8 km
+972-3-672 1344+972-3-672 1344
HaArba'a Street 12, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel 33.07 km
Mifratz Shlomo St. Peres Park, Holon 38.95 km

Children’s Museum, Holon A experiential museum for kids in which they undergo two interactive journeys illustrating different stories through music, virtual elevators, television screens and more. Visiting the museum is only allowed with a guide and must be arranged in advance.

Sderot Maryland, Rishon LeTsiyon, Israel 43.88 km
HaHistadrut Avenue 55, Haifa, Israel 50.8 km
Sderot HaNassi 83-87, Haifa, Israel 51.27 km
HaAluf Yaakov Peri Street, Rehovot, Israel 52.14 km
HaAliya HaShniya Street 12, Haifa, Israel 53.67 km

The Ruth Rappaport Children’s Hospital provides advanced medical services and a comprehensive approach to treatment in every area of children’s healthcare. Located on Rambam Health Care Campus, it is the only children’s hospital dedicated exclusively to pediatric medicine in Northern Israel.

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